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a diet makeover.

Help. I need to eat better. Like, seriously. Those who know me, know this about me: I have a very limited diet. I don't like many things. My diet basically consists of the following: chocolate. meat. cheese. potatoes. frosted mini wheats. bread. fast food. and most things in nugget or fritter form. I rarely eat vegetables. I rarely eat anything good for me. I'm not gaining weight or anything, in fact I'm really happy with my weight. But I am SO unhealthy. It's like I can feel my arteries clogging up. I'm so lethargic all the time, it's just ridiculous. I need a diet makeover. Help me. I need someone to make sure I don't continue to stuff my face with bad foods. And that someone should be YOU. ALL OF YOU. MAKE ME EAT BETTER! Force vegetables down my throat if you have to. Thanks.
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