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A superb night, all in all. I bonded with rentfreak32 and Louis over hamburgers and chips. We went and saw Cabin Fever. It was terrible. And by terrible, I mean totally hilarious. Funniest "horror" flick I've seen in ages. Swear to God, the entire theatre was laughing the whole time.
Quotes from the movie Jordan and I can't stop laughing at:
"He looked like burnt marshmallows!!!"
*poke at numerous dead bodies*
"Cabins are so GHEY"
"I MADE IT!!!" *multiple gunshots*
"PANNNNCAAAAAAKEEEESSSSSS" *slow motion ninja moves* *bite*

Tonight was the first night since Rich's death I've been able to laugh and focus on other things. It felt good, but honestly, my life feels fucking empty without him. Bah. Man, my life went from complete awesomeness to complete SUCKAGE.

On another note, I hope reload_reloop is okay, and barbfoldsfive feels better.
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