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suck my back

So, funny story. Not so much funny "ha-ha", though. We lost power during the hurricane for maybe an hour. Yet, we lost power for 2 days thanks to that stupid miniature rain storm. What. The. Hell. Thankfully, Craig let me stay at his place and use his facilities. Well I'm just glad it's back. I'm in a fairly good mood, although I did get a D on a test today. Hmph. Not that Rich's death is an excuse for my grades to slip, but dammit, I couldn't concentrate last week at all. That professor grades really hard too. *SIGH*. Oh well. Speaking of Richie, I miss him hardcore. I've been doing a lot of praying and whatnot. I've been sort of emotional about the whole thing as of late, but I'm alright. I'm handling it rather well, considering.

Listen up, b-more kids. I need someone to come with me to the Clem Snide show with me next Tuesday. Anyone. I will love you forever.

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