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A/s/L!? Do YoU LiKe sLiPkNoT?!

I just found out Something Corporate is on tour with fucking Good Charlotte, and I want to vomit. If I went to see them I'd have to deal with all the TRL Good Charlotte freaks, and they'd probably stab me in the eye with their pointy bracelets. Oww. Screw that. I am however, going to see two upcoming shows that will be rad. Clem Snide on 9/30, and Ben Folds on 11/1. I'm not quite sure who's coming to see Clem Snide with me. Merideth? Louis? Dunno, but if you'd like to come see a very KICK ASS band with me, just let me know. I'm about to pre-order Ben's new EP, Sunny 16. W00t.

This weekend was good. No work, because Sutton Place had no power. Haha.

I love you guys. Some more than others. Actually, some not at all. But, seriously folks, if you've made me smile in the past week, you deserve a cookie.
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