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I have to clean out my car today. Seriously. I wouldn't be surprised if there are rodents residing in my glove compartment. I was really going to try to be productive today, but I got an unexpected visit from Aunt Flo. And as we all know, Aunt Flo is a bitch who enjoys making Jill's life miserable for 3-5 days every month. Thanks, Flo. DIE DIE DIE.

Hmph. I don't have much to say. Oh! My boyfriend fuso13 is super hott and awesome. He makes me smile like whoa.

That's it. Happy weekend, folks. Don't do drugs.

*UPDATE* 10/15/03.
Craig is still HAWT.

I <3 internet drama!

Seriously though, I'm not a fan of psychos. They bother me.
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